Start Your Own DO MORE CLUB

You can start your own DO MORE CLUB, just like Josh did in THE DO MORE CLUB! Here are some simple acts of kindness to get you started:

  1. Paint rocks to hide around your community or school!
  2. Write positive messages on sticky notes and place them on bathroom mirrors!
  3. Write quotes on papers and leave for others to find!
  4. Create a ‘take what you need’ tear off paper flyer with kind words and hang on bulletin boards!
  5. Make a card or write a letter for someone special and leave it for them as a surprise!
  6. Record an audio file of a little pep talk and turn it into a QR code for people to scan!

If you try out any of these ideas, or your own, out please share them with the hashtag #DoMoreClub on social media!

Here are some rocks I painted and put around my community!